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lunes, 23 de agosto de 2021 en Noticias generales

Main reasons for the price increase between March 31 and August 17; a brief explanation.

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2020 en

A heart for the entertainment industry

20% discount on all Blackstage products

lunes, 20 de abril de 2020 en

The corona crisis is turning our world upside down. We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are doing well. We think of everyone who is struggling. We wish you lots of strength and courage in these difficult times!

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2018 en

You’re probably doing something right when a journalist reaches out to you to ask for an interview. That’s exactly what happened recently at Metaltis. 

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2018 en

Do you know what clients ask us the most? How our products can be so cheap? Low prices make them expect poor quality! Well, we can reassure you, the opposite is the truth.